Screenshot of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba by Anicrad on YouTube.

Fighting demons, monsters, and other unimaginable creatures is beyond modern comprehension. But that’s not stopping avid Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba cosplayers from donning their favorite characters’ attires and wielding their most celebrated weapons. And if you’re new to cosplay and want to bring out the best in Koyoharu Gotoge’s creations, this article is worth the read. 

Consider this your straightforward guide to Demon Slayer katana. You will also learn more about Nichirin swords, including their colors and associated breathing techniques. It should give you a heads-up on your cosplaying.

Demon Slayer Katana 101: The Nichirin Sword

Members of the Demon Slayer Corps are a special breed of individuals with unique gifts and talents. They wield powerful Nichirin blades forged from a rare sunlight-absorbing metal (Scarlet Crimson ore and Scarlet Crimson iron sand or satetsu). 

Scarlet Crimson metal harvesters collect these ores from the highest mountains, with peaks soaring above the clouds. The swords change in color after a Demon Slayer  wields them. Each color represents a breathing style or element, imparting unique properties to the sword and its owner. 

Only the most powerful and skilled Demon Slayers (Hashira) can wield the true powers of these swords. In the hands of a Hashira, Demon Slayer katana swords can become formidable weapons. It’s the perfect tool for slaying human-eating monsters and demons terrorizing ordinary people under the cloak of darkness.

Popular Demon Slayer Nichirin Swords

Here’s a look at the most popular Demon Slayer katana swords, including their most famous owners, unique characteristics, and powers. You can tailor your cosplay requirements after this.

Black Swords

demon slayer katana 101

Screenshot of Tanjiro and his black Demon Slayer sword by 4KAnimedia on Youtube.

The black Demon Slayer katana is as mysterious as the misconceptions surrounding its origin. 

Some say it is the most powerful blade because it absorbs all colors, imbuing the wielder with the Sun Breathing style. It suggests any Hashira wielding this sword can navigate through various blade colors and breathing techniques. And that translates to a formidable weapon few Demon Slayer swords can match.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Demon Slayers who wielded the black blade had shorter lifespans than other Hashira. Moreover, no black sword wielder has ever achieved the status of a revered Hashira.

That’s about to change with Tanjiro holding the sword, setting a new legend in the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba saga. Whether the Tanjiro can defeat the meanest demons remains a question of when the Demon Slayer can harness the full powers of the Sun Breathing style and the black Demon Slayer katana.

tanjiro katana

Blue Swords

demon slayer swords

Screenshot of Giyu Tomioka and his blue sword by CODE01 on Youtube.

Blue Nishirin swords symbolize water, allowing their owners to move fluidly, striking opponents with incredible precision. It’s also one of the original swords introduced in the series, captivating readers and audiences with its sparkling hue. 

Giyu Tomioka is one of the most popular Hashira wielding this colored blade. This Hashira has a calm disposition, like a tranquil ocean. It’s a trait valued by other Demon Slayers in the Corps, allowing them to maintain balance.

However, the Demon Slayer’s character runs deep. It’s like a pressure pot waiting for the right opportunity to boil. And like the deepest sea, Giyu can unleash a power so deadly that few demons have a chance of surviving.

The Water Breathing style has several branches, allowing other Demon Slayers to manifest unique fighting skills and powers more effective for defeating certain monsters and demons.

giyu tomioka katana

 Red Swords 

demon slayer sword

Screenshot of Kyojuro Renguko and his sword by Viosence on Youtube.

People have always equated red with fire and intense passion. It’s a befitting color for Demon Slayers with a penchant for unrivaled bravery and courage amidst formidable opponents. 

Imagine a Demon Slayer katana with a bright-red flame motif running along the nagasa. Any demon will have second thoughts facing off with a red sword wielder.

The Fire Breathing technique’s destructive power is evident in Kyojuro Rengoku’s exploits. This Hashira is surprisingly eccentric yet never fails to melt fellow Demon Slayers’ hearts with Kyojuro’s charisma.

Kiyojuro’s moral compass is unbreakable, and his sheer determination to battle demons is unmatched. And when the Demon Slayer katana’s unique characteristics combine with Kiyojuro’s Fire Breathing technique, no demon is safe from the raging flame and hell-like heat.

rengoku katana

Gray Swords

demon slayer swords

Screenshot of Gyomei Himejima by Mystryxys on Youtube.

This Demon Slayer katana can be as immovable as boulders and mountains. It epitomizes the Stone Breathing style, giving the blade a distinct grayish hue.

Demon Slayers with the Stone Breathing style can wield different weapons depending on the user’s preferences. For example, Gyomei Himejima opts for a battle axe with a heavy chain to convey the power of his fighting technique. 

Stone breathers are stoic yet objective. They don’t let emotions get the better of them, especially when facing demons. Surprisingly, Gyomei is a Stone Breather’s polar opposite. This Hashira isn’t afraid to express emotions and even shed a tear.

Still, the gray Demon Slayer battle axe is a formidable weapon. Its heft is enough to split a demon’s skull in a single blow. The chain is perfect for strangling monsters, too. 

Green Swords

demon slayer swords 101

Screenshot of Muichiro Tokito with sword by TIGER BABY on Youtube.

Most of us equate green for Mother Nature. However, it’s the color of the Wind Breathing technique in the Demon Slayer world. It’s one of the original breathing styles, and a source of inspiration for other methods. For example, Muichiro Tokito’s Mist Breathing style emanates from Wind Breathing. 

Wind is a powerful element. It could be as gentle as a soothing breeze or as devastating as a hurricane. Such force is formidable, especially in the hands of a skilled Demon Slayer like Sanemi Shinazugawa.

Unleashing tornadoes and gale-force winds is a cinch with this Hashira. Demons who find themselves in the path of a raging tornado don’t only worry about body-pushing forces. They also contend with objects that become instant projectiles in the whirlwind.

Unsurprisingly, Sanemi’s violent fighting style epitomizes the blade’s unpredictability and uncontrolled power. He might be boisterous, but Sanemi’s resolve to exterminate demons from Japan is worth noting.

tokito katana 

Yellow Swords

demon slayer sword

Screenshot of Zenitsu Agatsuma by Mujo Anime Z on Youtube.

Consider the yellow Demon Slayer sword, the manga series’ answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. Although Zenitsu Agatsuma cannot compare with Thor, the Demon Slayer has enough tricks up his young sleeves to defeat demons.

Symbolizing thunder and its associated Breathing Style, yellow Demon Slayer blades are unique. Instead of featuring a solid band along the sword’s nagasa, the blade has a lightning bolt zigzagging on the surface.

Interestingly, the series never explained why Zenitsu’s sword has this pattern. After all, the Demon Slayer is mostly a coward, no thanks to his low self-esteem. However, like a sunny day that can turn overcast without warning, Zenitsu can unleash his true powers in a blitz.

Yellow Demon Slayer blades are like blue swords. They might look calm and serene but can turn deadly without a moment’s notice.

zenitsu katana

Amber Swords

demon slayers

Screenshot of Tengen Uzui and sword by TIGER BABY on Youtube.

Underneath the honey-yellowish hue of this Demon Slayer weapon is a mysterious force one can only appreciate in silence. The amber-colored Demon Slayer katana imbues the user with the Sound Breathing style. 

This sword is perfect for sowing confusion among demons and other opponents. It creates an ear-splitting noise to disorient enemies. Image someone capable of producing a sonic blast, rupturing the eardrums and causing immeasurable pain.

Unsurprisingly, wielders of amber swords must have exceptional hearing sense. One of the Demon Slayer Corps’ most respected amber sword wielders is Tengen Uzui. The flamboyant Tengen might be arrogant, but nobody questions his audacity and determination to fight demons. 

With his Sound Breathing style and impressive master shinobi skills, Tengen can dispatch low-level demons with a single swing of his two giant heavy cleavers. These blades are not katanas, but are nevertheless formidable in going head-to-head with two of the Twelve Kisuji’s Upper Rank Six demons, Gyutaro and Daki.

Pink Swords 

swords demon slayers

Screenshot of Mitsuki Kanroki and pink whip by Just Anime on Youtube.

Hashira Mitsuki Kanroki developed the Love Breathing technique as an offshoot of Kyojuro Rengoku’s Flame Breathing style. It’s a peculiar weapon because it looks more like a whip than a bladed weapon. Moreover, the concept of love in fighting demons seems out of place. 

Still, this Demon Slayer weapon has its place in the Corps. Unsurprisingly, only Mitsuki can wield the pink whip with absolute precision and mastery. 

A word about Mitsuki. This Hashira has eight times denser muscles than ordinary folks. But what gets really interesting is Mitsuki’s lightning-quick reflexes and phenomenal speed. These attributes reflect the pink whip’s formidable powers.

Mitsuki isn’t the strongest Demon Slayer, but her teammates can always rely on her cunning and speed. Plus, the Love Breathing style sounds like an antidote to demons.

White Swords

slayer swords

Screenshot of making Muichiro Tokito’s white blade by Jumbo Radish on Youtube.

Like a foggy day obscuring views, Demon Slayers wielding a white sword are nearly invisible. They are masters of the Mist Breathing style, allowing them to thicken the air with moisture.

Although white Demon Slayer katana swords aren’t some of the original blades in the Kimetsu no Yaiba series, they are some of the more popular weapons. These fighting tools are perfect for Demon Slayers with a distant yet calm personality. One such fighter is Muichiro Tokito.

Muichiro might be self-involved, but nobody questions the fighter’s resolve. He has proven time and again how he could be an honorable slayer, expertly manipulating the mist to create a confusing environment for demons.

The Mist Breathing style isn’t an original technique. Instead, it’s an offshoot of the Wind Breathing technique associated with wielders of the green Demon Slayer sword.

Lavender Swords

swords of the demon slayers

Screenshot of Obanai Iguro by leremoz on YouTube.  

Nobody likes snakes and related creatures. These animals can evoke fear at the slightest mention. Imagine you’re a demon. You come face to face with a lavender sword that can bring out the Serpent Breathing style from its wielder. There’s no escape.

An expert Demon Slayer, like Obanai Iguro, can easily turn the lavender sword into a formidable weapon. Like their slithery namesakes, these blades can strike demons and other opponents with lightning-quick attacks. They are unpredictable, too.

Unsurprisingly, Obanai’s swordsmanship shines through with this snake-like sword. It can push through the tiniest openings to deliver its deadly blow. And that’s how the Demon Slayer went head-to-head with the demon Muzan Kibutsuji.

The snake’s slithering movements make it a sub-branch of the blue sword’s Water Breathing technique. It’s precise and guarantees fluid motions few low- to mid-level demons can escape.

Indigo-gray Swords

swords demon slayers

Screenshot of Inosuke Hashibara by Jin Spy on Youtube.

Few Demon Slayers can tame the beastly nature of indigo-gray swords. That’s why this bladed weapon is the perfect tool for the boar-headed Demon Slayer, Inosuke Hashibara. The Hashira’s overt aggression, short fuse, and other animal-like attributes epitomize the Beast Breathing style.

Unlike other Demon Slayers, Inosuke wields two swords. It gives the fighter exceptional leverage against demons, blocking with one sword while delivering the devastating blow with the other.

Light Pink Swords 

demon slayer swords 101

Screenshot of Kanao Tsuyuri by Kanao Tsuyuri Chanz on Youtube.

One might think light pink swords are a tamer version of the pink whip, bestowing Love Breathing style to its user. However, this weapon has a much subtler action. Kanao Tsuyuri is a Demon Slayer wielding a light pink blade and practicing the Flower Breathing style.

Although silent and meek, Kanao’s fighting skills are enough to scare low-level monsters and demons. She is a favorite of Tanjiro Kamado, and Demon Slayer fans will love to see this humble slayer slug it out with the meanest.

tsuyuri kanao

Purple Swords

demon slayer swords cosplay

Screenshot of Kokushibo by Fuj Animation on Youtube. 

No bona fide Demon Slayer wields a purple sword epitomizing the Moon Breathing style. And that’s because it’s the antithesis to the sunlight-loving Demon Slayer katana. It’s a Nichirin nemesis.

However, we must reiterate that Kokushibo was a former Demon Slayer, now the Upper Moon’s head honcho. Although other Upper Demon members use dream-based spells, destructive death, and blood demon arts to fight Demon Slayers, Kokushibo has a deep fascination for the purple sword.

With Kokushibo’s six eyes and formidable sword fighting skills, the purple sword can be devastating to ordinary mortals. It can be a worthy opponent to the black sword. 

Our Demon Slayer Swords 

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If you’re ready to pick the Demon Slayer character you want to portray in cosplay, we’ve got the right swords to match. These replicas might not have a Hashira’s Breathing style, but we can guarantee they will make you believe. Each Demon Slayer katana comes from the expert hands of our skilled swordsmiths to give you the best cosplay experience.

Demon slayer 101

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