Get a Katana Forged by Masters

Your Katana will be forged by our masters who have been making Katanas for decades.

Here are some steps to forge your Katana

Step 1 : We Forge it

The Katana is forged by our craftsmen in the Japanese tradition. We use different steels and an assembly of several layers as well as bending in order to obtain a blade of the best possible quality.

Step 2 : Quenching Method

The blade is immersed in water at a temperature of about 800°C, the temperature of which we keep secret. When it comes into contact with water, the blade cools down very quickly and becomes extremely hard. This is how the Hamon is made.

Step 3 : Time to Polish the Blade

We polish the Katana with a special stone in order to polish your sword in the best way for a unique result. The most technical part is the polishing of the Kissaki (tip of the blade) which takes a lot of time and brings out the Boshi.
It is with this step that Hamon fully emerges.