The famous katanas and their stories: national treasures Katana Sword

Katanas are powerful symbols of Japanese history and culture. These iconic swords were forged by talented and dedicated craftsmen, and have gained a worldwide reputation for their beauty and exceptional sharpness. In this article, we will explore some of the most famous katanas and the fascinating stories surrounding them, from national treasures to mythical swords.

Honjo Masamune: a lost national treasure

The Honjo Masamune is often considered the greatest katana ever forged. Created by the legendary blacksmith Masamune in the 14th century, it was renowned for its unmatched sharpness, perfect balance and refined aesthetics. The Honjo Masamune was passed down from generation to generation within the Tokugawa family, who ruled Japan during the Tokugawa Shogunate (1603-1868).

Unfortunately, the Honjo Masamune was lost after World War II and has never been found. Its disappearance is one of the greatest mysteries in the history of katanas, and the search for it continues to captivate history and katana enthusiasts around the world.

Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi : the mythical sword

The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi is a legendary sword that has an important place in Japanese mythology. According to the legend, this sword was found by the god of wind and sea, Susanoo, in the body of an eight-headed dragon he had defeated. The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi then became one of the three imperial treasures of Japan, along with the sacred mirror Yata-no-Kagami and the jewel Yasakani-no-Magatama.

Although the actual existence of this mythical sword is uncertain, it continues to capture the imagination of the Japanese and is often depicted in literature, movies and video games.

Muramasa : the cursed blades

The katanas forged by Muramasa, a 16th century blacksmith, are surrounded by legends and mysteries. These blades were renowned for their exceptional sharpness and bloodlust. It was believed that they were cursed and that they could drive their bearers to commit unnecessary acts of violence.

Because of their sinister reputation, Muramasa katanas were banned by the Tokugawa shogunate, and many were destroyed. However, some of these cursed blades have survived and are now considered valuable objects of collection and study.

Yamato Takeru : the hero's sword

Yamato Takeru

is a legendary hero of Japanese mythology, and his sword, Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, is one of the most famous in Japanese history. According to the legend, Yamato Takeru used this sword to defeat his enemies and perform many heroic feats.

Yamato Takeru's sword is often depicted in artworks and historical accounts as a symbol of courage and determination. His story continues to inspire Japanese and history lovers around the world.

Mikazuki Munechika: the rising moon

The Mikazuki Munechika is a famous katana created by the blacksmith Munechika in the 10th century. Its name, which means "rising moon", comes from the distinct curved shape of its blade, which evokes a crescent moon. The Mikazuki Munechika is renowned for its beauty and exceptional sharpness, and is often considered one of the finest katanas ever forged.

This katana is currently housed in the National Museum in Tokyo, where it is displayed as a national treasure and an outstanding example of the art of katana forging.

Kotetsu : strength and beauty

Kotetsu is another famous katana, created by the blacksmith Nagasone Kotetsu in the 17th century. It was renowned for its strength and beauty, as well as its exceptional sharpness. The Kotetsu is also famous for its distinctive tempering pattern, which resembles waves on the surface of the blade.

The Kotetsu has become a symbol of the art of katana forging and has inspired many other smiths, including the contemporary master Yoshindo Yoshihara, who created a katana in homage to this legendary work.

Onimaru Kunitsuna : the sword of the demon

The Onimaru Kunitsuna is a 12th century katana forged by Kunitsuna, a blacksmith of the famous Awataguchi school. This sword is surrounded by legends and mysteries, especially because of its name, which means "sword of the devil". According to the legend, the sword was so named because of its fearsome edge and its ability to strike down demons.

The Onimaru Kunitsuna is now kept at the Atsuta Shrine, where it is considered a national treasure and an outstanding example of the art of katana forging.


Famous katanas and their fascinating stories are a testament to Japan's rich history and culture. These iconic swords, forged by master craftsmen, continue to captivate and inspire history, art and katana enthusiasts around the world.

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