Yes, all our Katanas are hand-made with different quality steels and a complete traditional nomenclature.

Yes, all our Katanas are Full Tang because they are real Katanas. There is more strength.

All our Hamons are made in the traditional way with fireclay. We have different styles of Hamon according to the Katana. If it is a decorative and fictitious Hamon, we specify it in the description.

It depends on the Katana. We have different forging methods and different steels, so please check our guide.

You can order the Katana sharpened. You will be able to practice Tameshigiri Cut on tatami or bamboo easily.

The main difference is the quality of the steel used and the forge technique. For a high quality blade, it takes a lot more time to forge than an entry-range sword, realizing the Hamon, sharpening the sword, assembling the steels… Also, the nomenclature changes, some pieces are made of silver and have a lot more details.

Yes. If you want any modifications to the Katana please write it in the notes of your order, we will make the change for you !

You can also build your own Katana with our custom katana page.

You can buy the stand separately for a few dollars.