How long is the Katana ?

The average total length of a Katana is 41 inches (3,5 Shaku). The blade has to be over 2 Shaku (23,6"). The handle (Tsuka) is about 1 Shaku (11,9"). So, to summarize, the average length of the Katana is between 39,4 and 43,3 inches.

Blade Length (nagasa) Blade Type Examples
2 shaku or more daito Long sword (katana, tachi, nodachi)
1 to 2 shaku shoto Short swords (wakizashi, chisa-katana)
under 1 shaku tanto Long knives and daggers (tanto)

What is a Katana ?

A Katana is a traditional Japanese sword from Edo Period that is part of the Samuraï Era. It is a very sharp weapon that had the ability to slice through enemies very easily during combat, even with armour.

How much does a Katana Cost ?

An authentic Katana from Japan (nihonto) can cost between $3000 and $15000 or even more for historical swords. You can still find a good replica with a high - end blade between $300 and $2000. Usually swords in this range of price are made in China, but it doesn't mean it's bad quality at all.

How to sharpen a Katana ?

Sharpening the Katana can be tricky, but you can do it yourself with a good polishing rock. We found a video for you explaining the process in order to sharpen the blade !

Is Katana illegal ?

Well, it depends on the country, the age and what you do with it.  In the US, you can legally buy a Katana Sword if you're over 18 years old or have your parent permission.

Why were swords banned in Japan ?

Japan has adopted this law against many weapons in order to protect its citizens. They wish to avoid homicides and therefore weapons are highly regulated

Who invented Katana ?

If we follow the legend, the Katana was invented in 700 BC by Amakuni. In reality, the forging process and the swords were imported by the beginning between China and Japan.

What is the world’s expensive sword ?

The most expensive Katana was sold for $418,000 by collector Dr. Walter Ames Compton, who had quite a collection of Japanese Swords.