Menukis are small ornaments that are found on the handle of the Katana and more precisely under the Ito.


What is the use ?

As you know, few things are left to chance on a Katana. These Menukis are not only unique and very aesthetic ornaments, but also a way to get a better grip on the katana's handle.

Each person can change the position of their Menukis as they prefer, in the palm of the hand or on the fingertips or even elsewhere. Traditionally all Menukis are in the same direction (gyakumenuki position) but this can of course be changed, especially if you are left-handed.

Often you can see Menukis carved in the shape of a dragon or a crane, or even another traditional Japanese symbol. They often match with other pieces like the Kashira and the Tuba.


Traditionally, Menukis are made of brass, copper or sometimes even solid silver or gold. This detail is as important as the others, that's why you have to buy a real katana.

These ornaments, even if they are tiny, can cost up to $300 depending on the person who made them, the materials used and the complexity of realization. But in this case, we are talking about luxury. You can have quality Menukis for a few dozen euros.

If you practice a lot with your sword, we advise you to fix the Menukis to the handle, because they can move under the Ito if it is slightly damaged.