The Sageo is the Japanese rope that is tied to the scabbard of the Katana. Its purpose is to hang the Katana on the user's outfit with a knot. Many Japanese martial artists still use it in this way.

The Sageo has other uses, such as binding opponents or readjusting clothes. Usually the color of the Sageo is associated with the color of the Ito (handle rope).


All about Sageo

Now let's take a closer look at the Sageo to learn all about it! Concerning the manufacture, it is often made from cotton, leather, silk or a high-end polyester. All this in a length between 180 and 210 cm, approximately.

On the side of the cost of the Sageo, it obviously depends on the quality of the material used, we can be between 3 and $50. However, we recommend not to buy Sageo too cheaply, because the quality and thickness may leave something to be desired. So choose cotton or silk if possible!

The most common problem is a Sageo that frays more and more, so we advise you to make a small knot at the end to avoid that it continues too much on the length.

For those who would like to change their Sageo or simply learn more, here is a video that explains how to tie the Sageo to the scabbard: