Same or Samegawa is the leather of stingray. Shark or ray skin. This stingray leather allows to fix the handle and to have an excellent support. Moreover, Same is extremely resistant and is perfect to take shocks, without forgetting the unique aesthetic.

All about Same

The same is a kind of by-product of the fishery (cowtail ray). This ray is fished for its meat and the skin is preserved for different uses. There is a lot of concern about this, but this species is not at all endangered and is found in abundance in some waters. Also, using the skin of the ray allows making no mess.

There are however Vegan Same for those who would prefer not to use the skin of an animal, but collectors tend to prefer an authentic skin.

A "sheet" of this skin is very expensive, it takes 40-$50, this sheet is usually cut in detail to get the perfect size and not to make surplus