The Tsuba is the guard of the Katana. This guard allows both to protect the blows and to prevent the user's hand from slipping when using the Katana. This Tsuba is also used to counterbalance the weight of the Katana, especially if it is a Katana with a heavy blade.


All about Tsuba

In addition to everything it is useful for as a primarily the Tsuba also represents the social status, the clan or even the style of the samurai. It is therefore a real indicator, which is also why the Katana is unique to each person.

As for the Fuchi or the Kashira, the Tsuba can be made of different materials like brass, copper, steel or iron.

This part of the Katana is one of the most important, but it usually costs between 50 and $250 for a Tsuba, for the most expensive pieces this is explained, because they are entirely made in Japan by craftsmen in prestigious materials.

Problems that can happen:

The most common problem is a Tsuba that has some play, due to a bad manufacture or the environment in which the Katana is, which can expand the Tsuba slightly.

This is why we advise you to select our Sabres to avoid any unpleasant surprises.