Rituals associated with Katanas Katana Sword

The katana is much more than just a weapon for samurai: it's a symbol of their status, honor and spirit. As a result, many rituals are associated with katanas, from purification to naming ceremonies. In this article, we'll explore these rituals in detail.

Purifying the katana

Purification is an important aspect of many katana rituals. Before a katana is used for the first time, it is often purified in a Shinto ritual called Oharai. This ritual is designed to remove any impurity or curse that may be attached to the sword.

Oharai is usually performed by a Shinto priest, who uses a branch from a sacred tree called sakaki, to which strips of white paper called shide are attached. The priest waves the branch over the katana while reciting prayers to purify the sword.

Naming the katana

Another important ritual associated with katanas is naming. It is common for katanas to be given a name, often by the blacksmith who created the sword. This name can be inspired by a variety of things, such as nature, mythology, or the qualities of the sword itself.

The name of a katana is considered to be of great importance. It is supposed to reflect the spirit of the sword and give an indication of its capabilities. Moreover, a named katana is often considered to have a soul, or tamashii, and is treated with great respect.

The ritual of the first draw

The first drawing of a katana is also surrounded by ritual. This ritual, called Shito Shiki, is usually performed by the sword's new owner. The Shito Shiki is a solemn ceremony that marks the beginning of the relationship between the samurai and his new katana.

During the Shito Shiki, the samurai slowly draws his katana for the first time, while reciting a prayer or poem. This ritual is supposed to awaken the spirit of the katana and seal the bond between the samurai and his sword.

The cleaning ritual

Regular cleaning of the katana is not only necessary to keep the sword in good condition, it is also a ritual in itself. This ritual, called Mimitsuke, involves several precise steps and must be carried out with care and respect.

Mimitsuke begins by removing the old oil from the blade with a special paper called uchiko. Next, the blade is wiped with a soft cloth. After this, a fresh coat of oil is applied to protect the blade from rust. Finally, the blade is carefully returned to its sheath.

Mimitsuke is usually performed in a quiet, peaceful place, and is often accompanied by meditation. It's a time for the samurai to connect with his katana and reflect on his responsibilities as a warrior.

The seppuku ritual

One of the darkest rituals associated with katanas is seppuku, also known as harakiri. It's a suicide ritual that was practiced by samurai to die with honor rather than be captured or live with shame.

Seppuku is a complex ritual involving several stages, including the recitation of a death poem, the opening of the abdomen with a tantō (a short knife or wakizashi), and finally, decapitation by an assistant. The katana plays a symbolic role in this ritual, representing the samurai's honor and courage.


The rituals associated with katanas reflect the depth and complexity of samurai culture. They show that the katana is much more than just a weapon: it's a symbol of honor, discipline and the samurai spirit. By understanding these rituals, we can better appreciate the beauty and significance of the katana.

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